Children learn most and best when they are young.  During these inquisitive years, they can be filled with a wealth of information that can last their whole lives.  Our homeschool learning center is the perfect environment for young learners to get a great start. Our educational approach combines the basic building blocks of learning with problem-solving and logical thinking. We continue building on those blocks to help move children ahead of their peers.


Parents appreciate our "Common Sense Schooling" design because our path to learning provides fun and ambitious educational training, as well as life skills that will help children successfully compete with the demands of life.  It is imperative that young children do more than learn through play.  They need real world curriculum standards that will help to ensure mastery for future success.  Learning can be fun too!


Our classes are lead by Learning Coaches (LCs) and Success Tutors (STs).  Our LCs are certified teachers. Our STs are staff members who possess exceptional teaching qualities and unique talents. 



*We are HYBRID because we infuse the best elements of public school, private school, and the "school of life".


*We are moderately structured, less stressful, and more flexible than public school, while also being more affordable than other private institutions.

*Our teachers are certified and work in their areas of expertise.


Key of D Hybrid Homeschool Village's mission is to mold the minds of young children into wise, polite, cultured, independent thinkers/problem solvers.  We strive to allow our children to share the beauty of their minds and we aim to nurture them into becoming productive citizens. We believe that children should feel happy and safe in their learning environment in order to achieve at their highest potential.


Benefits of the Village


  • Key of D HHV is owned and operated by certified, seasoned teachers who serve as Primary Learning Coaches (LC).


  • We currently serve kindergarten students only.


  • Key of D HHV also retains other highly qualified staff members as Success Tutors (STs).  These staff members possess exceptional teaching qualities and provide various enrichment opportunities for our students.  


  • The work environment is positive and loosely structured to help provide a stress-free climate.


  • Students who are completing online coursework, may continue their academic path with guidance and supplements from our teachers.

  • Parents won’t have the frustration of dealing with too much homework “drama”.


  •  Bullying  IS NEVER ALLOWED at Key of D HHV.


  • Children will engage in positive, social interactions with children of various ages and those other than their own siblings.


  • Interesting Life Skills and Enrichment Activities are taught to aid in the nurturing of independence and creativity.


  • The LCs and STs will enhance children’s cultural awareness through the teaching of basic Life Skill Lessons.


  • There is more fun time to spend with family when children are able to complete their work at The Village. So, holidays, fall, and spring breaks throughout KODHHV’s academic year are just that...BREAKS.


  • Peace of mind for ALL!