Our hybrid homeschool learning center is the perfect environment for young learners. Our educational approach combines a blended environment of ONLINE LEARNING with FACE-TO-FACE INSTRUCTION.

Our classes are lead by Learning Coaches (LCs) and Professional Success Tutors (STs).  Our LCs are certified teachers. Our STs are staff members who possess exceptional teaching qualities and unique talents. 



*We are HYBRID because we infuse the best elements of public school, virtual learning, and the "school of life".


*We are moderately structured, less stressful, and more flexible than public school, while also being more affordable than other private institutions.

*Our teachers are certified and work in their areas of expertise.


Key of D Hybrid Homeschool Village's mission is to mold the minds of young children into wise, polite, cultured, independent thinkers/problem solvers.  We strive to allow our children to share the beauty of their minds and we aim to nurture them into becoming productive citizens. We believe that children should feel happy and safe in their learning environment in order to achieve at their highest potential.


Benefits of the Village


  • Key of D Hybrid Homeschool Village is owned and operated by a certified, seasoned educator, who serves as the Lead Learning Coach (LC).


  • We guide and supplement instruction for each student by using the online learning platform of your choosing.

  • We currently serve primary students only.

  • Our environment is clean, sanitized, and all health precautions are taken each day.

  •  Bullying  IS NEVER ALLOWED at KODHHV.

  •  Life Skills and Enrichment Activities are taught to aid in the nurturing of independence and creativity.

  • Peace of mind for ALL!