My FUN FOOD KRAFTS for KIDS brings real meaning to playing with food. These fun experiences can foster the growth of some amazing future culinary or food artists as we #feedthetalentwithin.

As an educator, I used FOOD KRAFTS as a positive incentive for my students. Everyone wanted to do their best so that they could participate in my “FUN THING” at the end of each month. They never knew what the FUN THING was until the day of, but after the first one, each student knew that s/he didn’t want to miss out on the...FUN.

I’ve also presented these lessons and krafts at my son’s preschool, and his classmates began to expect FUN FOOD KRAFTS every time they saw me. All they wanted to know was, “What are we making today?”

Here are the FUN FOOD KRAFTS for KIDS FAQs:

1. What ages are these lessons designed for?

    Our lessons are designed for Grades PreK-3rd.

2.  What do the lessons consist of?

  • Book or Video

  • Mini-lesson/Discussion


  • Activity Sheet

3.  How long do the lessons take?

     We like to allot at least 1 hour per KRAFT LESSON.

4.  What is the cost for a KRAFT LESSON?

      KRAFT Lesson fees vary, depending on the materials needed and location.  They can range from $8-$15.

5.  Do you have a KRAFT LESSON group minimum?

     Yes, I require a 15 student minimum.  If there is a large group, please break them into groups of 20 or less.

Available for Field Trips Monday-Friday between 9am-12:30pm (1 hour blocks only)

How can we contact you?

Call: (470) 227-0917


View our calendar for availability: