Enroll In
The Village

       Steps to Enrolling in Key of D Hybrid Homeschool Village

           Spaces are limited, so begin your enrollment process today!



1.  When you're ready to enroll, complete the online application in the link below, along with your $100 (nonrefundable) application fee.  This will cover your child's application fee and secure their Shadow Day. 



2. Your student must pass KODHHV's Pre-assessment before being granted acceptance into the program.  You will receive acceptance information via email.

3.  Parents should complete the "Home Study Program Declaration of Intent" to declare your child's learning coach.  This form is required by Georgia's Department of Education.  You can complete the online submittal form here:      https://www.gadoe.org/Curriculum-Instruction-and-Assessment/Pages/Home-Study-DOI.aspx


4.  Setup your child's online learning platform.


5.  Pay your first month's tuition with Key of D Hybrid Homeschool Village. Our current full-time tuition fees are only $125/week (Monday-Friday/7:30am-2:30pm).


 6.  Be sure that your child has a secured laptop or tablet with a headphone/microphone that is able to accommodate any online instruction. (Parental Control restrictions must be set prior to beginning at The Village.)